SmartToolkit RC9 1.0.0

Add a range of cool new features to your phone


  • XP-style Start menu
  • Lots of useful extensions
  • Built-in screen capture tool
  • Lots of skins for customisation
  • Improved file explorer


  • Shortcut numbers are difficult to read


I don't know about you but I've always seen the Windows Mobile operating system as a poorer cousin of XP and Vista. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice interface but I think it's not as intuitive as Microsoft's PC-based OSs. SmartToolkit sets out to change that by providing you with a series of extensions to improve the Smartphone functionality, such as a new program launcher, task and file manager, and a built-in screenshot tool.

The program revamps the Start Menu to make it very similar to the one you'll find in XP or Vista, speeding up access applications, documents and settings. In here you'll find a kind of embedded file manager. With a few button clicks you can get to the contents of directories or expansion cards. The right soft button invokes the Task Manager, where you'll find the screen capture function.

SmartToolkit is pretty customisable and comes with a range of tasteful skins to add some variety to your backgrounds and menus. You also get the option to select items from the Start menu using shortcuts on your number pad, although I found it quite difficult to view the numbers that relate to each option.

Overall though, this free program provides a great way of completely revamping your Windows Mobile user environment, adding new functionality and speeding up access to existing tasks and settings.

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SmartToolkit RC9 1.0.0

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